Pacific Blue Canvas Honolulu, Hawaii

Areas of coverage:  AlaWai Harbor only to Rainbow Marina*

I do not drive to the Windward side, North Shore, or anywhere outside of the area above.  Please find someone in your area to help you.

sunbrella color chart

I have been in business for over 20 years,  I am one of the few people that can make a Dodger in HAWAII (correctly). Most of the normal jobs use standard sunbrella, herculite, and dacron thread.  Those materials are sold at cost to my customers, I do not make a profit on my materials (I do not sell fabric, or materials). 

I do charge a fee for gas and mileage to buy materials, now usually $15.00

I often use the most expensive materials available because I do not pay for it, you the customer pays for it.  I use tenara thread that costs $200.00 for a 1/2 pound spool, and a polyurethane coated sunbrella called Sea Mark that costs $30.00 per yard, I will also use spectra thread on request.  Tenara (goretex) thread will outlast the fabric.

I have seen many businesses come and go, many fly by nighters too, transients that have sewing machines on their boats.  Reputation is the key to staying in business, just ask your neighbor who is the best in the harbor, and my name will come up.  I end up fixing many of the other canvas peoples work, all the time. 

hawaii boat canvas


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